Zuma Deluxe APK v1.0 Download Free for Android Added on May 11, 2018

Name: Zuma Deluxe Developer: The Easy Life Category: Casual
Version: 1.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 93


Download Zuma Deluxe APK, The Easy Life game that has kept millions of players around the world glued to their phone! Match balls of similar colors to prevent losing a life! You're not really losing an actual life, just in the game... Step up to the challenge of destroying all the balls before anyone reaches into the skull by matching them with similar colors.

Gameplay; the game is simple to play, and yet fascinating, with your chances of winning dependent on every single move you make. Your aim is simply to destroy all the balls. Shoot the ball that appears at the mouth of the frog into the moving chain where there are other balls that have the same colors as it. They are destroyed when they reach up to 3 in number. The more the number of balls destroyed per shot, the higher the points awarded. You can also earn bonus points from doing combos by destroying balls multiple times within a time period during the game.

Here is how the game works; assuming five balls of the same colors line up together, let's say yellows, and a yellow colored ball appears on the mouth of the frog, shoot the ball on the mouth of the frog to line up with those other moving five balls, and they automatically get destroyed. Be careful so that the ball does not miss its target and then makes it difficult for you. The more accurate your shots are, the higher your chances of destroying all the balls on time, and moving to another level, and also getting a higher score. The game also challenges players with different levels of gameplay and higher speed. As simple as the game is, it would cause a spike in your adrenaline.

Try it! While Zuma Deluxe is a single player game, you can share it with your friends to challenge them to see who would destroy all the balls faster, and who would get the highest score. Download Zuma Deluxe APK for Android smartphones and tabs free of cost by using given below download link. 

Zuma Deluxe
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