ZENONIA 5 APK v1.2.9 Download Free for Android Added on May 21, 2018

Name: ZENONIA 5 Developer: GAMEVIL Category: Action
Version: 1.2.9 Updated: Apr 29, 2021 Downloads: 176


Step into the world of ZENONIA, and play the role of a warrior destined for greatness in a world where the elite rich take advantage of the poor, depriving and extorting them, and having great darkness come over the kingdom!

It all began many years ago when a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to the human race. But after several years, darkness filled the whole kingdom, having the elite class are consumed by their greed. This desire for more wealth and power drive them into exploiting the poor.

Out of a slum village, from amidst the poor, emerges a hero who is destined for greatness. Play the role of this role in both combat, and join him as he rises through a compelling storyline, giving you, the player, an exciting experience altogether.

Play the game through four different classes of heroes, Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin, possessing unique strength and special moves.

Customize your character, increase in strength and overall skills, and also get new pieces of equipment for your hero.
The challenges never [really] end. Discover new worlds, and walk through hundreds of quests and adventures, uncover new items and receive rewards, as you follow through [with enthusiasm] in the world of ZENONIA 5 APK.

Playing ZENONIA 5 offline gives you both an amazing gameplay and enjoyable storyline, with loveable graphics. It is also packed with great characters with unique abilities to improve your gaming experience within the world of ZENONIA.

ZENONIA 5 APK of the game is added at the end of the page, tap the button and get APK file. After offline installation of the game enjoy, best action games features. You may also like Sims 3PES 2014

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