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The Android operating system does not support extra file format normally. The Android operating system only supports inbuilt format files and unfortunately in the present age bundles of file format avail on the market. This is why? In my opinion, peoples love to manage their files in different formats, because it compresses file size and extra. If you are interested in handling your files on Android Os by using bundles of format then ZArchiver is the ultimate solution. Let’s manage any of compressed file on Android device rapidly. With ZArchiver see the content of a compressed document, or convert SD card files into compress file easily.  

ZArchiver APK is an essential app from all those users, who want to work with different format files. With ZArchiver you can compress the file in any of the following formats: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar. Plus, it lets you decompress files that come in 7z, zip, rar, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz.

With ZArchiver you'll also be able to view the content of files that are in 7z, zip, rar, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx and mtz.

Features of ZArchiver:

  • Appropriate asset, allow the user to play with compress files
  • View the content of compress files without any effort
  • Anytime, compress several files on your SD card with no trouble
  • Support a wide range of file formats mentioned above
  • Open for universal use
  • Totally free to use, no need to buy any Pro version
  • Available in more than 23 languages
  • Soft UI of the app
  • Compatible with devices having Android Os 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2+
  • Trouble-free to control and much more

ZArchiver is best ever application for Android platform, allow the user to archive files on the mobile phone with total privacy. If you have already played with the alternative clients, then enhance your experience with ZArchiver APK. Free download ZArchiver app APK from our server to install on your Android Os. 

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