zANTI APK v2.4.2 Download Free for Android Added on Jan 21, 2018

Name: zANTI Developer: Zimperium Category: Communication
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Online security and wrong use of the vulnerabilities has made the online world full of danger. You always be in danger of losing the data, losing private data, or your passwords or bank details. It would be ideal to check your network security before someone does check it. So, zANTI is an application, mobile penetration application, which does enter into your network and try to find the loopholes within it.

It is the toolkit which allows the security managers to know the risk level of a network with simple and easy methods.

You can get to know where from and which window can be used by an attacker to enter into your security and tweak. This zANTI App simulates the attackers and identifies them and their malicious techniques which can compromise your online presence.

Features of Zanti:

zANTI makes you enables to find all the backdoors in your security and tighten them for the safety purposes. After you make such a security from where no one can enter, you will be risk-free and your online visibility will be assured.

  • Scanning of the entire network

zANTI premium can make it assure to scan all the network, and can uncover the backdoors and brute-force attacks. It will uncover all the DNS and Protocols and all the comprehensive access points which can be used to get into your network and will reveal to you. Further, you can make it secure and safer.

  • Diagnose Vulnerabilities

This application widely used by the security managers and security agencies which tighten your security and responsible for your online security. So, by using that, the security in charges can diagnose the vulnerabilities.

  • Security Threat

Come to know either your server or network can be hacked down by the attacker with the simple graphical presentation. At the end, after making all the tests, this application can provide you the details information of inch and corner regarding your network.

If you want to make your network secure and safe, you have to use zANTI APK. We have provided you the download link tap and get it free. And the end, there are premium features of zANTI, you cannot have that features without of paying the amount. The given version of zANTI 2.4.2 is one of excellent version support all operating device having android version 4.0 plus. If you have android phone or tab with android 4.0+ then you can easily get access to zANTI app on your device on the fly. 

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