WefBee APK v1.1.0 Download Free for Android Added on Jul 05, 2018

Name: WefBee Developer: wefbee.com Category: Social
Version: 1.1.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 6185


Here we are going to review yet another auto liker social application, which will be relay helpful in building your Facebook profiles. The application is WefBee, which can assist Facebook users to gain FB likes, comment, shares, and follower shortly. Facebook members can use the app for their fun, they can get the level of result for which they select it. WefBee APK for Android is pretty simple and smart application used by more than 10000 people daily. The application includes uniquely features and much more.

Features of WefBee APK:

  • Perfect and straightforward auto like exchange system logy
  • Bring up to 1000+ likes on your images
  • Bring up to 1000+ likes on your status and videos
  • Bring up to 500+ likes in a single submission
  • Bing only real likes
  • Get access to features without any registration, subscription
  • Well maintained and bugs fixed
  • Not include any compatibility issue
  • Simple to understand and much more advantages

The using process of WefBee app is very easy, all age of people can use it freely. You just need to care about some setting before passing the application. If you do not show interest in these setting then you can be stuck in some places. So review some setting which I am goes to narrate below.

  • Well WefBee is the production of 3rd party developer, so your phone security setting must be enabled i.e. Unknown Source
  • Make sure you're Facebook account is not in private mode
  • Logout your account from all application and browser on which you want likes
  • Don’t like your post on which you want likes
  • Age required up to 18+
  • The post on which you want likes must be visible for public not for private
  • Sometimes it takes extra time, so don’t worry about this and don’t repeat the process. If you think that you have done it perfectly
  • Don’t abuse the service, I want to describe that get limited likes which is your need

To set up professional and ideal Facebook profile impressions play an important role. So, you need an auto liker such as WefBee. At the below of page, we placed WefBee APK format file for downloading free. Grab the file from here and enjoy rain of auto likes against your profiles.

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