SnapSave APK v1.4 Download Free for Android Added on Nov 14, 2018

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Nowadays a most popular and most demanding social media site among youth is SnapChat. The biggest social media site, where you can share messages and other media files. Everything gets fame due to its unique features and SnapChat is popular due to its guard and auto vanish systems. This means you can’t store any memory of SnapChat. But peoples still rooming around into the web to find apps like SnapBox, and Casper to save snaps. To save snaps effortlessly we are going to share SnapSave with you.

SnapSave is small freeware Android application with a clean and smooth interface. Using the application on your devices you can bypass all of SnapChat rules and regulations very clearly. Store any of the SnapChat content on your devices like a message, video, pictures and much more.

Features of SnapSave:

  • A best alternative client of SnapChat used to bypass rules of SnapChat
  • Store snaps, pictures, videos, and relevant media files directly into the gallery
  • Without informing sander save his/her content on your devices
  • Use stickers and other funny emoji during sending message and photos
  • Don’t require to log in with an extra account, login via SnapChat credentials
  • Safe, and fast client to save snaps and message
  • Support all devices having Android Os 4.0+
  • Responsive UI
  • Simple to navigate and much more

Remember that, when you are going to use SanpSave application then, first log out your account from the official site. Why this is important? One account can’t be login in two place at a time, so be careful while login into your account.

Don’t rooming around the Android official stores to finding SnapSave APK, because it not available. It is 3rd party application and not affiliated with any official store. Don’t forget to enable the option “Unknown Source” from device setting menu before install SnapSave. Do you want to play with the app? If yes, then we have updated SnapSave APK file at the end page. Download a free file from the given link and saving memories from SnapChat.

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