Sims 3 APK v1.6.11 Download Free for Android Added on May 18, 2018

Name: Sims 3 Developer: EA Games INC Category: Simulation
Version: 1.6.11 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 1455


Download the Sims 3 mobile game and create your Sims, and enjoy hours of fun living in a world with other Sims! The Sims game is not just like any other game, it gives you a chance to live in your own story. To help your Sims reach their full potential, you will have to unlock and complete their 73 goals and wishes. Earn "Simoleons", the Sims' World currency for each task you complete to buy new items for your Sims, and improve them.

Create your Sims: Select your Sims' approach to social life. Would they be neurotic, funny, or shy? Select the personality trait(s) you want for them, and chose their fashion and other accessories you want for them to bring them to life. You can totally live anyone's life within the Sims game. Perform activities that your Sims would like based on their personality type. If they like the be in the midst of the crowd, and party, then take them there! There is no actual end to what your Sims can do. Explore the world of Sims to discover new places. Live and interact with other Sims. Get yours a job, improve on them. Get them into a relationship with others too. It's the unending fun in this game. Fulfill their basic needs, by having them eat, sleep, rest, as well as entertain themselves to help them stay in good shape and perform more functions. DREAM BIG, and improve your Sim. Remember, there are no limitations! Stay in tune with your their whimsical desires like growing corn, staying well-rested, or buying stuff. Unlock and achieve 73 Goals and Wishes to help your Sims reach their full potentials.

Features of Sims 3 APK:

  • Carry out all daily needs of the character 
  • Get a job and move ahead on a career ladder
  • Explore new places
  • Create your own Sims
  • And much more stories 

We have already shared the advance series of a game The Sims 4, and now we going to manage The Sims 3 game for our users. Download Sims 3 APK file free of cost from this page, start to play the game with your desire Sims. 

Sims 3
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