SeriFlix APK v2.5 Download Free for Android Added on Oct 01, 2019

Name: SeriFlix Developer: Robson Murilo Category: Multimedia & Video
Version: 2.5 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 156


On our site, we have already updated a lot of apps that are being used by our users to download and watch movies and other multimedia content. Our today's topic is also about multimedia content but is known for only watching series online. No other content will be found, that will tense you. If you are fond of online series and don't want to miss your favorite series, then you must need SeriFlix APK. 

SeriFlix APK is portal, where all series will found including local and international languages and due to this it popularity also increased. 

SeriFlix APK additional information:

  • Size: 3.39 MB
  • Developer: Robson Murilo
  • Android required: 4.4 na dup
  • License: Free

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156 Installs

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