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Rooting Android devices become a fashion at the present time. I am not going to measure the reasons of rooting yet; I will be telling you about an application called Root Tools. If you have rooted your Android device for any principle, then you can easily get it after proper root. Along with specific principle, the root also unlocks thousand of secrets of a device. After rooting you can experience Root Tools for the betterment of device. Root Tools never assist while rooting, it just opens the door to experience root advantages. Busybox needed, so install the working version of the application.

Root Tools is a good app for the unlocked or rooted phone. In the existence of app, customize wide functions of a phone according to your style. Modify the font of text, improve the running status, boot animations and much more with a simple click. Uninstall data & system apps without any pain.

Features of Root Tools:

App management:

  • Android 2.2+ apps to SD
  • Backup or restore system and data applications
  • Kick out non-required system or data applications
  • Batch removal/backup included

Goodie Add-ons:

  • Install up to 30+ boot animations [enable random boot animation on each boot-up]
  • Install more than 25 custom fonts
  • Pulldown text editor

Tweaks & Hacks:

  • Use Ad Blocker
  • Build Properties
  • Clear Cache anytime, anywhere
  • Free up device memory
  • Miscellaneous

Reboot Options:

  • Hot reboot
  • Reboot
  • Reboot recovery
  • Powerdown

Beautiful Interface:

  • The app interface is responsive
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate 

This is not the end of features of Root Tools, apart from mentioned features also you can experience massive features ease. We have updated functional application file, before going to install Root Tools APK file enable 3rd party application setting.

For rooted users, Root Tools app is appropriate tool to taste root advantages. If you have any doubt regard root of the device then checkout root permission via Root Checker before playing with the Root Tools.

Root Tools
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