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Do you want to use every function of your Android Os including developer options? If yes then the simple and quick way is rooting of a device. Rooting is the ultimate option which can authorize you to use your device according to your need. Root will unlock hidden setting of the phone and in the result, you can become a boss. Also, it will increase the performance of the device in a high ratio. Interesting in root your device or not if yes then stay with us and don’t rooming around the web in searching for rooting applications maybe you can find any fake application. I am going to review 100% verified and best one-click rooting app Root Genius. For Android lovers Root Genius is a best rooting app and if you are interested in root your device then you can download “APK” file from our site.

Recent time back peoples root device via PC and other operating system but at the present days you can root device with a single app and the apps are called one click root apps. So don’t worry about rooting, just enjoy the magic of root and look the best features of Root Genius.

Features of Root Genius:

  • It is the best mobile one-click rooting application
  • It can root a wide range of Android device either it is a smartphone or tab
  • With it, you can root device without using any PC
  • No need of active internet connection (root offline)
  • Compress in size
  • 100% free and safe
  • Very responsive user-friendly interface
  • It is simple to navigate and much more

How to root device using Root Genius?

To root your Android device the root application must install on phone. So, first, download and install the app and follow the few simple tips below.

  1. Locate the short icon of app and tap on it.
  2. When app interfaces pop up, find the option  “Root Now” and click on it.
  3. The running process takes sometimes and during a session, your device may reboot automatically.
  4. When the process complete, again reboot or restart your device manually.

Root Genius is freely available for World Wide Web users. You are not required to use any virtual private network to use the app. So enjoy the benefits of a root anywhere.

Root Genius
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