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Pinterest is one of the biggest images holding websites, this website owns billions of the images, and you can find images almost all kinds. You can use those images in Article marketing or digital marketing or on Facebook in a Social media campaign, even for AdWords campaigns.

But, the biggest hurdle, you would have known if you used Pinterest, this does not allow the users to download images. You only can have images on the website, check them out, and can share them on Social media on the behalf of Pinterest, so, what, if you are required to save images, to use them for some campaigns or on digital marketing?

You should use Pinterest Image Downloader, the application, which allows you to download countless images on the website, and use the way you want. If you relate to the field of searching for Gifs, PNG, and JPG format photos then you must need the given application.  

The use of the application is simple and handy, just download it on your mobile phone. We have given you a download link, tap the download button and get the file, hope the link will be working fine.

And approach that image or images which you want to have on your phone storage, simply tap on the share button, and among the other options on sharing tap, you will see Image downloader as well.

Tap on it, and it will give you the option to download the image and location with the name.

Make all the changes and save the images on your desired location. You can download as many images by using Pinterest Image Downloader as you want.

There is no limit for downloading of the images, save the images and use on any platform you want. One more thing, Pinterest Image Downloader is not an official application from the Pinterest website, this is one unofficial application.

No login, no subscription, no charges, just have the app, download it on your Android phone or tablet and start downloading Pinterest images free.

Moreover, we have given you a download link, tap the download button to download Pinterest Image Downloader APK, hope the link will be working fine, or reload the page if a link does not show.

Pinterest Image Downloader
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