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Name: Ping Tool Developer: StreamSoft Category: Tools
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Ping Tool is a great application for those who want to have a close eye on their networks. The use of this application somehow different than other simple application, you might need to watch some tutorial to get to know the use of this app. Anyhow, whatever you are going to do, you have to download the app first. So, tap the download button and get the application, install it on your phone, and get to know who is connected to your network and what the location of hardware resources is.

There is a different portion of the- you need to tap on every portion to accumulate the information related. You want to get information of the persons who are using your network or you want to check the security level of your network, there is portion and you need to command them to get useful results.

Features of Ping Tool:

Ping Tool notifies you the malicious network or any computer connected to your network trying to inject malicious software to steal the data online.

  • Info tool:

This tool helps you to see the network connection, you can check IP address of the router, external IP, ISP information and display charts of Wi-Fi connected network with usage.

  • Watcher tool:

On schedule, you can check the network resources; notify you if something has changed or someone trying to change

  • Local Area Network scanner:

You can check which is the other network connected to you- trying to get used to your data with hardware resources

  • Ping tool:

The core of the heart features of the Pink tool- Ping.

Collect the data of the network connected to you with the remote host and monitor them without any distraction

  • Geo Ping tool:

Check the available resources worldwide and check if the specific site is accessible to a specific country or not.

  • Traceroute
  • Port scanner
  • Whois data
  • Bonjour browser
  • Subnet scanner
  • WI-FI scanner
  • DNS Lookup
  • Wake on LAN
  • IP Calculator
  • And much more

From the link below, you can download Ping Tool APK file, we already have given you a download link at the end of the page. Tap the download button and get the file, install it on your Android and tablets to have a complete control over your network. It is completely free file and you do not need to pay any amount to get the file on your android smartphones.

Ping Tool
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