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Name: NFC Tools Developer: wakdev Category: Tools
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NFC Tools is the most practical near-field-communication app with an incredibly polished user-interface that is guaranteed to be simple enough for beginners as well. Built with a minimalistic design, NFC Tools allows the users to read, write, and program tasks on their NFC tags once it is in close proximity to an NFC chip. With a spontaneous response time on written tags, the recorded information can also be shared easily with any NFC compatible device. Simple and useful, the intuitive NFC Tools is one of the best decoding apps for NFC chips currently available in the market for free.

NFC Tools let users program and automate different tasks such as volume control, setting an alarm, sending a text message or make a call etc with the simplest of motions on your phone. With more than 100 tasks and infinite combinations available, NFC Tools are designed to give users effortless control with as smooth as possible task automation. For more knowledgeable users, the option of creating complex actions is also available through the use of preset variables, conditions, and root tasks. 
Features of NFC Tools:

  • The "Read" tab allows you to see data such as the maker/type/norm of the tag etc
  • The "Write" tab lets you record standardized data such as a simple text, a link to a website, a video, a social profile or an app or even a WiFi or Bluetooth configuration
  • The write function allows you to add as much data letting users record large quantities of information on their tag
  • NFC tags can be copied, erased and password protected for additional security
  • The “Tasks” tab allows you to automate the following actions on your phone: activate/deactivate/toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, car mode, configure a sound profile: silent/vibrate/normal, configure a WiFi network and more!!
  • Support multiple languages including English & French
  • Compatible with devices having Android Os 4.0+
  • Great user-friendly interface
  • Quite simple to navigate and much more

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NFC Tools
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