NewPipe APK v0.14.1 Download Free for Android Added on Oct 31, 2018

Name: NewPipe Developer: Christian Schabesberger Category: Multimedia & Video
Version: 0.14.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 64


If you are about to download NewPipe APK for your Smartphone then you are in the right corner because I am going to review full facts of it. NewPipe is the best YouTube client that doesn't use any libraries that are dependent on Google's framework or on any Youtube API.  Means that, you can use this handy application on any device having Android operating system. Even that all those users also can run NewPipe app on the devices which have no Google Service installed.

NewPipe is a cool application which provides its wide services without demand Google account information. The application allows you to play any sort of video in the background of the device, instead of watching you can listen music normally. Also, it allows downloading of different items in a different format. Indirectly download the content of YouTube on your device in different formats such as video and audio. 

Features of NewPipe APK:

  • Small, sweet, and workable YouTube client
  • Without linking Google Service enjoy application features without restrictions
  • Play YouTube content in the background of the device
  • Accept different download formats including video and audio
  • Save downloaded items in the targeted directory
  • Connect internal and external music player to run content
  • Work smoothly and support all Android having Android Os 4.0.3, 4.0.4+
  • Support multiple languages including Spanish, English, Dutch, Czech, Hindi, Thai, Malaysian, Estonian, Latvian, Swahili
  • Gorgeous user-friendly interface
  • Very simple in navigation

The best thing about NewPipe, you can download the content with total privacy. Why NewPipe is secure YouTube client? Most of the downloading applications required Google account to work freely and through this process, some of the spam application collected the data of a user in the background. But in the case of NewPipe, you can browse any content of YouTube with full freedom. No account required, just install NewPipe APK on a device and enjoy advantages.

Do you want to download YouTube content? If yes, then you must trust on NewPipe, because it is astounding YouTube client. We have updated the working file at the end of a page, tap on the button and get NewPipe APK on your device free.   

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