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In online social media sites, user profile report describes the entire image. Unspoken and uncompleted profile always gives a negative message, but an explicit and complete profile always gives a positive message. In the present era, Facebook is the biggest online social media site with billions of users from all over the world. Facebook is not limited to countries and regions, it is a universal social media site and you can use Facebook anytime, anywhere. To create a perfect user-friendly profile on Facebook, first of all, you need to put all the information regarding yourself. After that, your account needs active impressions to describe your popularity. There is a different type of impressions such as likes, comment, shares, followers, and much more.

The most important and interesting impressions are likes and follower. In Facebook, only professional and popular peoples get impressions in a handsome amount. The new users spend more than half of day with Facebook and at the end of the day, they get a little number of impressions.

Nothing is impossible in the latest generation, because the technical people found every problem solution. In the case of Facebook, already dozens of auto impressions applications are updated on the web in a very short period due to high demand. We have also updated some of the branded auto impression apps on your site such as Apental Calc, WefBee and FB Auto Liker. And today we are going to talk about another app Leet Liker. A cool, super fast and trusted auto impressions tool for FB users compatible with all Android Os.

Features of Leet Liker:

  • Super fast auto impression tool to enhance the Facebook experience 
  • Send impressions on Facebook with an equal ratio
  • Increase likes and followers up to 200+ in every submission 
  • Get likes on photos, status, fan page likes and more
  • Provide entire service fully free
  • 100% secure and trusted
  • Compatible with all devices having Android Os 3.0+
  • Smooth UI
  • Simple to navigate and much more


  • You need to allow peoples to follow your profiles
  • Account privacy setting must be visible for public
  • The content on which you want to get the impressions must visible for public
  • Enable “Unknown Source” before install APK file

Majority of Facebook users don’t satisfy with the numbers of impressions, which they got after publish the photos and status. But you can refill your profile energy smartly by increasing the number of likes and followers. So, free download Leet Liker APK on your Android device shortly.

Leet Liker
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