L4D PingTool APK v1.0 Download Free for Android Added on May 13, 2018

Name: L4D PingTool Developer: WisdomSky Category: Tools
Version: 1.0 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 16415


L4D PingTool is one of best and responsive application for the Android operating system developed by Julian Paolo Dayag (WisdomSky). L4D PingTool is a great discovery of the developer and it easy to use even that children can handle that. In the present time, the popularity of PingTool applications increasing day by day sharply, which forced the developer to design new tools.

If you are using any VPN to get any hidden information from the web then this app also work best for you because it increase or boosting the VPN (virtaul private network). So, you can browse enjoy fastest browsing with VPN extension using L4D PingTool.

The best part about the application, with the access to features you can enjoy fast internet connectivity anywhere anytime. You can enjoy 3X fastest browsing experience without spending any money or download any additional application. Some of the well-liked features are added below.

Features of L4D PingTool APK:

  • The rated application, which can boost up your browsing speed
  • You can improve the stability of VPN connection according to taste
  • Recommended for MGC
  • Recommended for Rocket_ZER0 and Kentucky Configs
  • Recommended for Opera Mini GLOBE/TM Default APN
  • Works in all Networks (TNT, SMART, SUN, GLOBE, TM)
  • Compatible with all devices having Android version
  • User-friendly, light-weight and easy to use

If the application is not installed on the Android device and show the error, then you need to changes some setting on a machine such as "Unknown source" option.

How to setup L4D PingTool:

  1. Lunch the application by a tap on the application icon on device homepage
  2. Tap the chain icon in the upper left corner of app windows
  3. Target your address like
  4. Logging interval
  5. Click on back button to save changed setting

No more explanation about the application, we have already put enough information about the app. L4D PingTool APK file we have added at the bottom of the webpage, click on the download icon and free download the official application. Have the advanced features of the app and stay up to date to discover new application & games.

L4D PingTool
16415 Installs

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