Intercepter-NG APK v1.9 Download Free for Android Added on Dec 27, 2018

Name: Intercepter-NG Developer: Intercepter Category: Tools
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Intercepter-NG is one of the versatile application in the field of hacking. The main purpose of this application is to recover the lost and interesting data from the available streams of networks. It is also responsible for multiple kinds of functions like the MITM attacks. It works for a wide range of systems that include android, IOS, MAC, Linux, and NT. The Android version is best among them. Some specifications of Intercepter-NG are as under.

Specifications of Intercepter-NG: 

  • It will discover the networks with the OS detection.
  • You can also check network analysis.
  • Will be able to recover the disturbed files
  • You can also recover the passwords of networks.
  • Best for the hacking of network signals.

Features of Intercepter-NG:

The features of the Interceptor-NG are numerous in number. Some of the astonishing features are available here for the users. You have to read all of them before installing. Due to these features, it is becoming the best Application for hacking in the world.

  • The Intercepter-NG will do the spoofing of DNS, LLMNR and also the most vital NBNS
  • You can also sniff the chat messages of AIM, MRA, YAHOO, JABBER, ICQ and IRC modules
  • You can also reconstruct the main files from the HTTP, IMAP, SMB, SMTP, FTP, and POP3
  • With the help of this amazing hacking application, you can capture the packets of data from the available network
  • You can also capture the remote traffic via PCAP over IP and RPCAP networks
  • It can also hijack the SMB that include MySQL, LDAP relay, and DATA injection
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Compatible with all devices having Android Os 3.0+
  • Very simple to use and much more

Due to these features, it is becoming one of the astonishing application for the purpose of hacking. If you are now thinking to download this application for your use, then get it from our website. To download the Intercepter-NG APK file free of cost tap the button below.  

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