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Geometry dash, a game developed by Robtop is one of the best arcade games. The idea of the game is simple and that is to complete each level, collect coins, and avoid hitting the obstacles in your way reaching the end of the level.


It above sentence regarding the game may makes it sound simple and a child’s play; but it is not, cause the game is tougher than it sounds.

Each level of the game has phases that may vary in numbers. You have to tap the screen of your phone or press a key on your keyboard to make your character jump and avoid hitting the obstacles.

The speed of the game is not in control of the players and players can only make its character jump; timing is the main essence of the game as it is a rhythm-based game so the background music synchronizes with the movement of the character.


The Geometry dash has originally 22 levels in its Global Version and the most interesting thing about the game due to the feature that a player can play all these levels of the game without worrying about access to the internet.

Players can also play these levels in any sequence they want, it is not mandatory to complete preceding levels before progressing toward succeeding ones.

And if one had access to the internet he or she can also enjoy levels customized by the players and not only this but can also create of its own.

Other Versions:


Since the massive success of the main version of the game The Geometry Dash. There are other versions of it that are worthy of giving a try as well; and that includes Geometry Dash Subzero, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash lite, and the Geometry Dash world.

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