DroidSQLI APK v2.0 Download Free for Android Added on Aug 07, 2018

Name: DroidSQLI Developer: Edgard Chammas Category: Tools
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In the technological generation, most peoples learn hacking. And hacking is favorite hobby of almost new youth. Hacking is not a hard job, but you need to be very careful during hacking because your activities tracked by intelligence agencies and cybercrime. But don’t worry if you learn hacking for educational purpose and to secure yourself then no one catches you. Most of the hacking done with the Android phones and that’s why I am also going to review Android hacking application DroidSQLI . For beginners and experts DroidSQLi application is relay helpful and with the use of DroidSQLi you can attack the websites and get full control of your hands.

All of the website content stored on the server and it will be divided in row and columns. And DroidSQLI application allows you to lunch SQL attacks on the specific website. The SQL injection attack on the website and completely changes the position of rows and columns. As result, the website can’t be lunch openly on the web and show an error of server down. The DroidSQLi application only hacks vulnerable websites, so before going to use SQL injection first verify website.

Features of DroidSQLI:

  • Get accession to thousands of website content
  • SQL injection attack demolish the table and rows of the targeted website to get down
  • No need for advanced hacking skills just put target URL of the website
  • Hack thousand of vulnerable websites
  • No root permission required
  • Easy to understand and much more

Vulnerable websites are unlimited on the web and you can get easy access to website content with the help of DroidSQLI. Don’t try to hack website that has enabled SSL certificate already. The DroidSQLI application is not probably designed to hack SSL certificate based websites.

As usual, it is our responsibility to bypass some deep facts of application and DroidSQLI is 3rd party application. So, first enable “Unknown Source” setting and after that start the installation.

DroidSQLI APK file we have managed at the last of webpage already. Tap on the download button and get DroidSQLI app free of cost. Once again run the application for education or learning purpose and to find loopholes on your own websites.

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