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Today our topic is Chamelephon APK and here I am going to review deeply detailed information of it. Chamelephon is world smartest and most convenient application assist you to maintain IMEI of your Android Os, smartphones and tablets. If your device IMEI is corrupt and you want to get back it again then you can use Chamelephon, best IMEI repairing and changing tool.

On the web hundreds of IMEI changer tools you can found to manage device IMEI, but believe me very few of them work correctly. And Chamelephon is the peak of list, which can provide user friendly interface and 99% working result. About Chamelephon, on the Google Play Store peoples posted very positive feedbacks. Which can clearly show that how profitable the application is.

Chamelephon application required root permission on Android Os, so you need to root the device before use of the app. Sometimes the device is already rooted and the admin of the device has no idea about, so if you like to check the root of the device than taste Root Checker. For rooting of the device, I believe on the 1-click rooting application must taste Z4Root and 360 Root.

Features of Chamelephon APK:

  • Modify the IMEI of all Android Os including branded phones and 3rd party mobile phones
  • Works perfectly on Chamelephon devices 
  • Mediatek 65XX devices supported only
  • Smooth UI as compare to MTK Engineering Mode and MobileUncle Tools

How to use Chamelephon: 

  1. From our server free download APK file of Chamelephon app and install on your device properly.
  2. To change IMEI instead of repair, dial *#06# to copy out your original IMEI for safe keeping.
  3. Now tap the button “Authorize”.
  4. Note: To alter imei with chamelephon, you must have to provide two valid imei for both spaces provided. Meaning to change imei of sim one, you must change that of sim 2 as well.
  5. Now tab the button “Generate random IMEI” and select apply new IMEI. If you have own IMEI, you can paste in the mentioned area.
  6. Then confirm the change.
  7. At the last setup, reboot the device and you are done.

So, are you ready to change or repair IMEI of your operating device free of cost with a simple click then we have a solution? From the link below, free download Chamelephon APK latest version for all Android Os.  

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