Bromite APK v73.0.3683.88 Download Free for Android Added on Mar 30, 2019

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Apart from the inbuilt browser, Android user needs some additional browser to browse the internet freely. On the open source market hundreds of latest and aged browsers available with unique specifications. Bromite is an open source Android browser, which is quite famous due to its individual functions. Browser plays an important role, while surfing the internet so your system needs an energetic and fastest browsing toolkit which can bring billions of contents within one second and Bromite Browser can do this. The features list is a little bit different from Google Chrome because it missed some functions like GTranslate, Sync and Data server. 

Bromite Browser app 100% make your browsing secure and safe. It guards your Android device against harmful virus and malware. The chromium plus privacy and adblocking function create its star of eyes.

Features of Bromite:

  • Directly import and export your favorite bookmarks from one place to another place
  • Play Mp4 content in the background while browsing
  • It supports HTTPS and DNS at the same time
  • Remove click tracking and AMP from the search result
  • Audio and other fingerprinting justification.
  • Control all backend files in one folder

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96 Installs

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