BlockLauncher APK v1.21 Download Free for Android Added on Nov 17, 2018

Name: BlockLauncher Developer: Zhuowei Zhang Category: Tools
Version: 1.21 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 150


The BlockLauncher APK is one of the latest tool that is allowing you to apply patches, texture packs, mods and colors to the portable versions of Minecraft. But before using this application in your smartphone, you have to make sure that Minecraft is properly installed on your device. With the help of this app, the users will be able to manage all of the content in their Minecraft games in easy and quick ways. It will work properly with the paid versions of Minecraft editions. In short, if you are willing to change the settings of your Minecraft games, then this application will surely work best for you.

There are many version of the BlockLauncher APK. But for enjoying all of the new features, you have to grab this application from his one of the best and versatile platforms that will help you in every matter related to Android applications and games.

Features of BlockLauncher APK:

There are many features of this amazing application. If you are willing to know all of them, then read the given below points for the proper understanding. These are few in number but works really good for the Minecraft games lover.

  • You can enhance the graphics of your Minecraft games and also lower them for low range devices
  • The BlockLauncher will work on the paid version of the Minecraft games
  • Apply the desired colors and textures on your games with the help of buttons
  • There are huge numbers of customization options that will let you to settle each and everything
  • It will work on the Android 2.3 higher devices with ease. You can also easily update this android application
  • Available in more than 35 international languages
  • Work smoothly and comes with the brilliant interface
  • It is easy to manage and much more options


If you want to play with the BlockLauncher, then the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition must be available on your devices. 

For the free download, we have added BlockLauncher APK file at the end of a page. Download the latest updated version on your Android mobile phone and improve the game performance on low-level devices.


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