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The expired applications which got loopholes and back door can breach your Android phone security. According to the latest surveys, there are thousands of the apps which got a backdoor to get your phone's data. In this age, online security is the only thing, in my opinion, you should care about. So, get this application on your Android phone, APK Inspector. And get to know about your applications.

This application will provide you the detailed information about your apps. The app's developers, application download and installation data, application's last update and how many times you had been using this application from the time of installation.

And if you had not used the app and do not know what the app is about, APK Inspector will provide you and make you a list of all those applications which are useless for you on the basis of their uses.

The icing on the cake, you can share the applications using APK Inspector with your friends and family who had installed the same application on their phones. Transfer apps and games more smoothly and easily among different devices.

Features of APK Inspector:

App inspector is the great platform for those who installed the applications but do not know after sometimes what for they installed the app. Now, can get a list of all the application installed on their phones.

  • This app lets you know the versions of the app
  • Name of the application and version code as well
  • Timing of the application (When did the app was downloaded and installed)
  • It shows the permissions which all the applications got
  • List of all the application you had installed
  • List of the useless applications installed
  • Properties of all the applications
  • Smooth interface with clean navigations
  • Free of cost, have no need to pay
  • Can use it on Android and tablet

So, if you have needed the app, you should download it. We have already given you the download link, tap on the download button and get the file download APK Inspector app on your Android phone.

APK Inspector
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