AnTuTu Benchmark APK v7.1.0 Download Free for Android Added on Jul 13, 2018

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Benchmarking tools demand is rise on the web very fast like a bullet train. And day by day, according to demand the supply of benchmarking tools is also increased. After looking high demand for benchmarking tools, I also bring one of the popular tool which is AnTuTu Benchmark APK. AnTuTu Benchmark one of the best-optimized tools with smooth UI, that can enable you to test out the performance of Android Os device. AnTuTu Benchmark app latest version is very responsive, which is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. At the end of a page, we have update APK format file for free download, but before you move to download it, why not explore some more information about AnTuTu Benchmark. 

AnTuTu Benchmark is specially designed by developers to check the performance of Android Os. The application can check the performance of the device in 3 parts.

Part 1: in the first part, the application will test the maintenance of RAM.

Part 2: in the second part the application will simply verify how your Android terminal handles two-dimensional graphics. What it will do, is fill your screen with pixelated figures and see how the device endures. 

Part 3: in the final part, the application will check the endurance of your device with a 3D graphic.

Features of AnTuTu Benchmark APK:

  • You can run the CPU test to know how powerful CPU your device has
  • You can check your RAM performance
  • You can check GPU, either it supports 3D effects, games etc
  • You can check the input and output performance of the operating system as well

What’s in the latest version: 

  • New designed 3D test scenes, Refinery, and Coastline
  • New UX tests that better reflect real-world use cases
  • New score proportion
  • One tap to verify your device
  • In-depth device info about battery temperature, battery level, and CPU load changes
  • Get your Antutu benchmark score and ranking! Compare and share with your friends

The use of AnTuTu Benchmark is very simple, even that children’s use it. After putting it on your device you can found, how much it simple. I am sure; you will be in love with it. For downloading AnTuTu Benchmark APK, you can find download button at the last of the page.

AnTuTu Benchmark
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