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If you want to check an Android phone, want to have the call logs, contacts and history and other stuff then you should download Androrat [Binder] on the Android phone which you want to track down. There is the complete guide, which I am going to pin down in here.

You can download Androrat APK from the given link; we have already given you the link, tap on it and have the file on your operating device. The carried version is one of the friendly version of this app which is compatible with Android Os devices. So you can use it on any device without looking for the latest Android version like massmlove and etc.

Androrat is a client-server application, and it is written in Java, you know the Android itself written in Java.

You need to install the application on the victim mobile phone, and at the same time, it should be installed on the hacker's computer, as a server-side application. 

You should not mix, the client side Androrat and servers-side Androrat.

The Androrat which should be installed on the victim mobile phones is called client-side application, Androrat. And the application that should be installed in hackers computers, in this case, you, is called server-side application Androrat.

What you can get by Androrat app:

You need to install Androrat on the mobile phone which you want to track down.

Once you had done this, you will get following benefits.

  • You can get the contact list and contact information on the mobile phone.
  • Ca vibrate the phone using the application on your computer.
  • Get call logs easily; call history with all contact number.
  • Send SMS to the number
  • Get the location using GPS/network
  • Monitoring the live calls
  • Sound from the live streaming
  • Having picture using the mobile phone camera
  • You need to have a computer or desktop
  • Must be installed Jave on that computer, where you are going to install Androrat server application.
  • A wireless router and the internet connection with fast speed.

If Anti-virus turning off the Androrat server application, then turn off the Anti-virus from some minutes and enable again after installing it on your computers.

We have given you Android client side and server side; you can tap the download button to get the file. Plus use Android carefully; do not use it for wrong purposes.

Androrat Binder APK free download for your Android OS and have the benefits of latest features

33816 Installs

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